Jurisdiction Update: Next Generation Bar Exam

April 4, 2022 • Virtual Event

Based on the shared NCBE and jurisdictional goal of a reliable exam that ensures fairness to examinees, a discussion of progress on the next generation of the bar exam with jurisdictions that do not participate in the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) was held virtually on April 4, 2022. Topics included test content and format, delivery methods, psychometrics and fairness, and local decisions and the exam.


  • Kellie Early, NCBE Chief Strategy Officer
  • Judith Gundersen, NCBE President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Danette McKinley, PhD, NCBE Director of Diversity, Fairness, and Inclusion Research
  • Rosemary Reshetar, EdD, NCBE Director of Assessment and Research
  • Marilyn Wellington, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners; member of NCBE’s Board of Trustees; chair of NCBE’s Uniform Bar Examination Committee  
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