Persons Taking and Passing the 2017 Bar Examination by Source of Legal Education

† California does not recognize U.S. attorneys taking the General Bar Examination as being from either ABA-approved or non-ABA-approved law schools. This number of applicants (907 taking, 525 passing) is therefore omitted from either category. California’s “U.S. Attorneys Taking the General Bar Exam” category is composed of attorneys admitted in other jurisdictions less than four years who must take, and those admitted four or more years who have elected to take, the General Bar Examination.‡ Applicants under California’s four-year qualification rule who did not earn J.D. degrees (49 taking, 5 passing) are not included in either the ABA-approved or non-ABA-approved category. California’s four-year qualification rule allows applicants to take the General Bar Examination through a combination of four years of law study without graduating from a law school.** California did not report 2017 data for persons taking and passing the General Bar Examination with education obtained by law office study. (As of 2016, California no longer reports statistics for categories with fewer than 11 takers.)

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