What follows is an account of UBE meetings held by NCBE, with quotes from the meeting summaries in previous issues of the Bar Examiner.


Icon representing meetings Conference for the 21 jurisdictions that use the MBE, MEE, and MPT

January 10, New Orleans, LA

Photo of 2008 Conference attendees sitting at tables in a session
Conference attendees

“[W]e took what may be an important first step in the direction of enlisting jurisdictions in the development of a uniform bar examination. Representatives … participated in a daylong discussion of the feasibility and desirability of a common licensing test…. [W]e spent a day … exploring the ‘ground floor’ of an idea whose time may have come, and the conversation helped to shape what may come next…. Our time in New Orleans … was exactly as billed—an invitation for the participants to shape the outcome. Comments after the session were positive.”


Icon representing meetings “The Uniform Bar Examination: The Next Step”

June 19–20, Madison, WI

Photo of Greg Murphy and Rebecca Thiem sitting together at The Uniform Bar Examination: The Next Step meeting
Greg Murphy (MT), Rebecca Thiem (ND)

“NCBE hosted a meeting … for jurisdictions interested in discussing the anticipated launch of the Uniform Bar Examination…. Sixty-four representatives from 33 jurisdictions registered to attend the meeting…. There was significant interest expressed by a number of jurisdictions for moving forward on the UBE.”

Icon representing meetings “The Uniform Bar Examination: Moving Forward”

November 1–2, Phoenix, AZ

Photo of a group of people sitting and listening at The Uniform Bar Examination: Moving Forward meeting
Meetings attendees

“Representatives of jurisdictions interested in moving forward on the Uniform Bar Examination gathered … to provide input regarding [its] development…. Susan Case, NCBE Director of Testing, presented new details about the proposed elements and principles of the UBE, which were then further refined by the meeting participants. NCBE President Erica Moeser moderated the discussion, which resulted in consensus on many areas.”


Icon representing meetings Regional informational meeting for six states in the Northeast

June 16–17, Saratoga Springs, NY

Photo of Alan Odgen (left) talking with Bob McMillan at the regional informational meeting for six states in the Northeast
Alan Odgen (CO), Bob McMillen (NY)

“The meeting was informative and productive for both the participants and the UBE Committee members. It highlighted the benefits of gathering jurisdictional neighbors together to address common concerns, especially as they relate to border issues.”

Icon representing meetings Regional informational meeting for 10 states in the western and mountain regions

November 17–18, Salt Lake City, UT

“Representatives of several states in attendance indicated the likelihood of adoption of the UBE by their jurisdictions in 2011.”


Icon representing meetings Regional informational meeting for 11 “Big River” states

September 25–26, St. Louis, MO

Photo of Dave Ewert and Terri Guertin at the regional informational meeting for 11 "Big River" states
Dave Ewert (IA),Terri Guertin (MN)

“These regional gatherings are designed to foster participants’ understanding of the UBE and how it is being administered and to offer opportunity for the regional sharing of information.”


Icon representing meetings Meeting for the nine jurisdictions that have adopted or conditionally approved the UBE

May 16, Madison, WI

“The purpose of the meeting was to allow the administrators from the first wave of UBE jurisdictions to meet as a group to discuss a variety of issues, including their experiences implementing the UBE and their thoughts on aspects of the bar examination remaining within the prerogatives of the jurisdictions…. NCBE President Erica Moeser solicited feedback from the participants regarding their transition.”


Icon representing meetings Forum for the 18 jurisdictions that have adopted the UBE

October 5–7, Madison, WI

Photo of a group of people name in the caption at the UBE Forum for the 18 jurisdictions that have adopted the UBE
Gus Quiniones (WA), Bobby Henry (WA), Deborah O’Regan (AK), Laura Spradley (WA), Joseph Figo (MO), Jim Nowogrocki (MO)

“From its inception, the UBE has been shaped by the jurisdictions that have adopted it. In keeping with that approach, the forum was designed to be highly interactive and provide ample opportunity for discussion of policy issues, as well as the chance for jurisdictions to share information and ideas with one another.”

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