This article originally appeared in The Bar Examiner print edition, Summer 2023 (Vol. 92, No. 2), pp. 5.

March 2023 MPRE

March 2023 MPRE Examinees: 20,184

Number of MPRE Examinees, 2019–2023

Bar graph of number of MPRE examinees, 2019–2023, split between the March, August, and October/November administrations each year. Most recent administration had 20,184 examinees. March has around 19–20,000 each year; August around 17–18,000, and October/November around 19–22,000, with lower counts across all 3 in 2020

The values in this chart reflect valid scores available electronically as of 4/26/23.

March 2023 MPRE Mean Score: 94.9 (score scale 50–150)

MPRE Mean Scores, 2019–2023

Line graph of MPRE mean scores, 2019–2023, split between the 3 examination dates each year. Most recent administration had a mean score of 94.9. Scores are between around 93–99

MPRE Standard Deviations
Year March August November
2019 17.9 17.5 18.3
2020 18.5 18.3 18.8
2021 18.7 19.1 19.3
2022 18.6 18.5 19.3
2023 19.2    

MPRE scores are reported on a scale ranging from 50 to 150. The values reflect valid scores available electronically as of 4/26/23.Comparability of results may be limited due to fluctuations in examinee counts.

2023 Annual Bar Admissions Conference

May 4–7, 2023, Nashville, Tennessee

group of icons corresponding to data presented in the article: total attendees (376); first-time attendees (138); speakers (49); sessions (22); justices from jurisdictions’ highest courts (53); jurisdictions represented (53).

The 2023 NCBE Annual Bar Admissions Conference drew 376 attendees representing 53 jurisdictions, including 53 justices from jurisdictions’ highest courts and 138 first-time conference attendees.

Among the attendees were 49 speakers who presented at 22 sessions (1 keynote address, 3 plenary sessions, and 18 breakout sessions) over the course of the conference.

Click here for details about the conference sessions and speakers.



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